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Serial parts

Handmade parts

Tool making

Screw threads

Circular blanks

For the production of serial parts, we use two modern, CNC spinning machines (lathes) with playback controls.

They guarantee both a high repeat accuracy and surface quality of the manufactured metal spinning parts.

A Brief Introduction to Metal Spinning

Spinning parts by hand is still an essential part of today’s business and therefore we offer the production of the following handmade parts:

  • Limited lot production models
  • Sample parts
  • Prototypes
  • Handcrafted, individual items
  • High-quality designer products

Our own tool shop keeps us flexible and allows us to react quickly to our customer’s requests.
We also carry out the following additional machining services:

Drilling, rotating, stamping, deep drawing, hard and soft soldering, spot welding, TIG welding and gas shielded arc welding

As a speciality, we also manufacture spinning and deep drawing parts with formed (rolled) screw threads. They are produced in compliance with DIN 7273 and according to our customers’ specifications.

Our NC stamping ma­chine makes it pos­sible to pro­duce indi­vidual sheet metal plates, also in small series. Sheet thickness: max. 6 mm. Operating ca­pacity: 1,500 x 3,000 mm. Using our two circular shears, we are able to pro­duce cir­cular sheet metal plates with a thick­ness of 4 mm at short notice.

We also arrange galvanised surface refinements upon request.

We are members of the Federal Trade Guild Association for Galvanisers, Engravers and Decorative Metalworkers.